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Rewarding Results

For the past six months, I've been performing user testing for Octothorpe's project in development- a Sherlock Holmes VR mystery called The Irregular. The team is honing a vertical slice of the game in the effort to create a polished experience for potential investors, and we've just finished testing the changes made based on the previous playtesting results.

The previous round of testing revealed issues with understanding diegetic instructions, and performing essential interactions with tools and items in the game. These problems were roadblocks to players being able to progress, and caused them to feel frustrated. The developers simplified the delivery of their diegetic instructions, and spent time adding features that drew attention to the possible interactions and how to accomplish them. As a result, the average time it took for play-testers to successfully make it through the vertical slice was cut in half.

It was rewarding to see the changes that had been made based on the results of the testing, but even more rewarding to see tangible results and improvement in player experience due to the changes. Feeling the developers trust and confidence in UR grow has also boosted my own trust and confidence in my abilities as a User Researcher.

Of course, we uncovered some new interesting issues as well. On to the next test!


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