I thrive in situations where I can satisfy a quest to learn and discover, employ strategic thinking to solve problems, and help along the common goal by communicating with others.



University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Engineering BUS - Sonic Interaction Design

AUGUST  2016 -  AUGUST 2018

Interdisciplinary degree including coursework in Game Development, Psychology, Human Computer Interaction, and Hearing Science.


Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City

Music AS * Recording Technology AAS * Media Music AAS

JANUARY 2013 - MAY 2016


Music and Audio degrees come with many useful and transferable skills such as audio and video editing, communication, creative thinking, collaboration, and comfort working under pressure.


    Survey Design * Structured Interview * Think-Aloud Protocol * Observational Studies * Focus Group

    Heuristics Evaluation * Competitor Analysis * Cognitive Walkthrough * Participant Recruitment

    Persona Creation * Wireframe * White Boxing * AV Recording & Editing


    MS Excel (conditional formatting, pivot tables, functions/formulas, vba) * Survey Monkey/Google Forms

    SPSS/R * Unity/Unreal * Adobe Illustrator * Tableau * Cubase/Reaper/Protools



Octothorpe, Salt Lake City — User Research Intern

JANUARY 2018 - JULY 2018

Conducted User Research to assist the iterative design process of a Virtual Reality mystery.  Employed think-aloud protocol, observation, focus group, and interviews. Analyzed and reported data to the development team.

Timewind Llc, Salt Lake City — User Researcher

AUGUST 2017 - MAY 2018

Coordinated User Research from prototype to release for a 2.5 D game. Created a heuristic checklist and testing plan early in development. Used competitive analysis, repertory grid technique, modified review analysis, observation, and surveys to assist in the improvement of usability and player enjoyment of the game.


UofU Psych Dept, Salt Lake City — Volunteer Research Asst.


Assisted Graduate student research through moderation of experiments.



    Inclusion * Accessibility * Advocacy

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